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Bending without markings

Bending without markings:
There are growing demands and requests for a ready-bent workpiece without scratches or indentations. There is often a high cost involved in taking the time to post-process a workpiece after bending. Many plates are delivered covered in film, but this is only to avoid scratches during handling of the plates. Using the correct tools and solutions can entirely prevent or substantially reduce these markings.
Bend film: Bend film is introduced between the bending tool and the plate to be bent. This simple solution works well. Bend film is supplied in various thicknesses and widths depending on the task. A holder is also supplied for the bend film, mounted on the tool or press brake.

Polyamide tool: Polyamide tools are often made as inserts to make them easy to replace when switching to a different plate thickness. Polyamide tools are made for conventional bending and radius bending. These tools are supplied in standard dimensions, but can be customised to suit. Specialist tools often incorporate polyamide components; this is also to avoid scratching the plate. polyamidtool
Adiprene: Adiprene tools are used in the same way as polyamide tools. When Adiprene is used for bending, this is usually for radius bending. Using Adiprene prevents the plate from running "ahead of" the tool. Adiprene is available in various tempers and widths depending on the task. adiprene
Wing Bend tools are unique bending tools. The tool follows the plate throughout the bending process, thus avoiding pull marks that often occur during bending. Wing Bend tools also solve a problem of bending short cusps as well as bending close to apertures. In addition, the tool covers multiple plate thicknesses, which reduces the number of tool changes. wingbend